what our customers have to say

I've been using OFS for the last four years and they have been a game changer for me. I love how quickly I can save for my children's education. I’d recommend them to any parent looking to save for their children's future.


I was deciding between various financial advisors and it was a tough decision. I wanted to make sure that the company I chose would be looking out for my best interests. OFS was exceptional in this respect as they were always up front about fees and how we’d be working together. They were great at addressing my questions before signing on and were really helpful with paperwork.


I am very confident to say that OFS is the best option for me. I am very happy with my investments and the returns that I have seen from them. They have always been a reliable partner, and although there are fluctuations in the market, I know that OFS will deliver when I need them to.

R. McKenzie

I've been shopping around for life insurance for a few months and OFS is the best option for me. They offer competitive rates with lots of great add-ons, some that I can't even find elsewhere. I use OFS and recommend them to anyone who needs life insurance.

Jennifer Chang

I am so happy that I invested my money with OFS. They have helped me grow my portfolio and I've been very happy with their performance so far.

Alexander Y

We are at a great point in our lives. We have just finished paying off our mortgage and feel like we can finally start thinking about saving for the future. OFS have been instrumental in helping us save, giving us the opportunity to invest in something we believe will take care of our childrens education.

The Hardys