a little about us

Montpelier OFS

Wealth Management at your fingertips

Montpelier is a global leader in wealth management with over 20 years of experience. We offer personalized and individualized services to help you reach your financial goals.

Personalized Services

We keep in touch with our clients on a regular basis, keeping them updated on market trends and ensuring their investments grow steadily. Our global presence helps our clients access the best products, services and advice.

Expertise at your service

Montpelier's team of experienced analysts understand how to generate the best returns for their clients. All of our experts are committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and service excellence.

What makes Montpelier different?

With Montpelier OFS' personalized service, tailored investment plans and management expertise, you will be able to create an investment plan that is right for you.

A message from our CEO

If you look at the relationships we have with our clients in its most basic form they are entrusting us with their future! We don’t offer an ‘off the peg solution’ or products nicely wrapped in a box with a ribbon on top. For a most people, managing their wealth is a complex and time-consuming job. There’s also the added pressure of having to make the right decisions. Decisions that potentially have a direct impact on their professional status and their family’s future. No matter who you are it can at times be difficult to make sense of the choices and decisions and we understand this dilemma. The ethos at Montpelier OFS is simple and something that’s without doubt ingrained into our employees, service, service, service, all the way!

In an industry where our client’s circumstances can change overnight, we have to ensure we are constantly one step ahead. It’s simple really we do what we say we will, when we say we will. We are still a privately owned organisation and our transparent approach reflects this. We often have clients that join us after they feel they have disappeared into the obsidian darkness of the larger PLC and feel the need to work with people with whom they can build a real relationship.

With all these services under one global umbrella you have all the right reasons to be working with us

Client Charter

It is our mission to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with all elements of the service we offer.

  • Our Client Care Charter forms the basis of our service levels, which are constantly being assessed and improved to achieve the high standards we have built our reputation upon.
  • Client care is a fundamental part of our Group’s corporate culture and all employees have a clear understanding of our service levels.
  • Our Group will offer you services that are best for you. Where we offer advice it will be suitable for your personal circumstances only.
  • Communication is key! We believe you must always have the information. Clear guidance will be given to you before, during and after you have made the decision with us.
  • Honesty - We will give you all the facts in a way that you can understand them. No hidden small print.
  • We have a clear complaints procedure should you feel the need to complain, rest assured we will endeavour to deal with your query in a structured and timely manner.