Your personal finances are one of, if not the most, important of your life and consequently you need to have the highest level of trust and confidence in whomever you choose to manage your financial future. At The Montpelier Group we do not offer ‘off the peg’ solutions, we tailor every plan we make to each of our clients individual needs and circumstances. Our holistic approach means that we cover all areas of financial planning and not purely investments.

As a company that has been offering quality, independent financial advice for over 20 years you can rest assured that that advice you receive from us is of the highest standard. Below are some key facts about our company that demonstrate our strengths as an Independent Financial Advisory:

Key Facts of The Montpelier Group:

• We have been providing solutions since 1989
• Asia’s Largest and fastest growing Independent Financial Advisory
• Over $4 Billion in assets under management
• 23,000 Clients Worldwide service by over 700 dedicated employees
• World Leader In Tax Planning and Wealth Management
• Global Support Network from over 50 offices in 14 Countries
• Regulated in the UK by one of the world’s most stringent authorities the Financial Services Authority

How We Add Value

The Montpelier Group believes in creating long lasting relationships with all our clients built on a foundation of trust and customer service of the highest quality. We offer a number of services that add unrivalled value to our clients and are constantly looking for new ways to improve and add to the services that we offer.

• Online Valuations - As a client of Montpelier you will be given online access to your financial plan that will allow to you collect and monitor all of your financial assets on an easy to use web site.

• Regular Service - Wherever our clients are in the world we maintain a high level of contact with them, aiming to completely review their financial situation at least every six months.

• Portfolio Management - We have access to specialist portfolio managers who can manage your money in terms of benchmark, time-scale, attitude to risk and base currency.

• Seminars - As a company we provide many educational seminars for our clients on a range of topics, aimed at helping them understand their financial future.