In order to best serve US Nationals that live and work abroad Montpelier China have partnered with a US based financial planning organisation who have specialised in helping US expatriates for over 20 years.


Securing Futures Since 1987

Our Partner is  an experienced, service-oriented financial planning firm that specializes in the protection of income, wealth preservation, and the transfer of wealth to future generations. Since 1987 they have enabled people from all walks of life to envision and realize their financial hopes and dreams. they offer a comprehensive array of retirement, college planning, and estate planning services that can be tailored to fit your unique goals and circumstances — even working and living abroad.


Cross Border Solutions

International and Cross Border Financial Planning

As any expatriate or multi-national family will attest, living and working abroad presents a unique set of financial and legal challenges. Rules governing the accumulation, managing and transfer of wealth are often complex and difficult to grasp. In some countries, regulatory changes can go unnoticed, leaving unprepared Americans — and their unprotected assets — at the mercy of a foreign bureaucracy.


Protecting Your Interests. Preserving Your Assets.

Our Partner has extensive cross-border planning experience, including in-depth knowledge and specialized expertise in investments, tax and wealth transfer legislation and foreign inheritance laws. We help our clients clearly understand and navigate complex issues and transactions, while satisfying U.S. and host-country regulations. A carefully selected group of legal, accounting, and retirement plan administration partners are also available to assist with other areas of planning.


Products and Services 

Planning is a lifelong process that keeps you in touch with your finances and provides greater control over your financial future. Setting goals, and regularly monitoring results, increases the likelihood of achieving the long-term results you desire. Planning also enables you to mitigate the potentially devastating effects of unexpected events, such as premature death, and to manage and minimize asset-threatening tax obligations.


Since 1987, they have helped individuals and families realize their dreams and achieve their financial goals with services that include:

Wealth Preservation and Income Protection

  • Replacement of Earning Power

  • Protection Against Loss of Business Revenue

  • Lifestyle Preservation and Protection

  • Protecting Family-owned Businesses

Wealth Accumulation

  • Strategies for Achieving Financial Independence

  • Global Wealth Management

  • Qualified and Non-Qualified Retirement  Planning

  • Education Funding

  • Key Executive Compensation and Succession  Planning

  • Risk Management

Wealth Transfer and Distribution

  • Estate Planning

  • Inheritance Tax Planning

  • Wealth Transfer

  • Charitable Giving

  • Long Term Care

  • Business Continuation Planning

  • Legacy Planning

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