Montpelier provide the planning and implementation of tax efficient arrangements for expatriate and private clients worldwide.

The Montpelier Philosophy of Tax Planning:  Cost control and cost reduction are the hallmarks of successful businesses and individuals. Tax is a cost like any other and needs managing as part of the wealth management process. Tax is not an amount to be deducted once income or assets or profit have been calculated.

Tax Planning is often a very complex subject, especially when it involves multiple jurisdictions.  At Montpelier we analyse each client's situation carefully, point out available options, develop a plan of action and implement it.  All of our recommendations are made with the tax consequences, both near and long-term, firmly in mind.

There are many fundamental issues to be considered before the right decision can be made and a good structure may be set up. Whether you need advice on existing or proposed international structures, we have access to some of the top tax specialists throughout the world to provide you with guidance.

It is within one’s rights to adjust one’s affairs to avoid paying tax wherever legally possible.  Paying one’s fair share of tax is fine, but not a penny more!   Why pay any more than is necessary?