Montpelier believes that all of us must have a contingency in place for when the unexpected happens. That is why our holistic approach to financial planning means we underpin all of our clients plans with some form of insurance.

For most of us, the idea of providing our families with a stable and secure lifestyle is at the forefront of much of what we do. We work tirelessly to ensure that our loved ones are prepared for the future and have everything they need to thrive in this turbulent world. However, all too often we lose sight of one of the most obvious questions of them all:

How will my family survive if I am no longer around to provide for them?

Insurance is never an easy subject to tackle as it deals with only the most morbid areas of our lives. Nevertheless, we must not lose sight of its critical importance in our financial planning. We must put in place a plan to ensure our kids can still receive a quality education, that our spouses can have a happy retirement without us, and that we do not leave our families with the burdens of debt.

Montpelier is able to offer bespoke solutions to our clients to meet the individual needs they, and their families, have. Our independent viewpoint allows us to pick and choose from a range of insurers around the world. We also focus all of our insurance on the idea that our clients are expatriates and may remain so for some years. This means all our solutions cover our clients throughout the world and completely portable.

Even the most well thought out and disciplined financial plan can be unravelled by the failure to take out the adequate insurance.