The Montpelier Group are experts at helping expatriates around the world manage their money efficient with an unbiased independent viewpoint. We specialise in creating portfolios that are inline with you unique attitude to risk, benchmark and timescale.

When it comes to portfolio management, be it as a lump sum or in a savings plan, are mission is simple; make your money work as hard as you do.

In our experience the problem most people face when it comes to building and managing their portfolios is confusion from products. Focus is often placed on the offers in the brochure and the size of the institution when, in our opinion, it should always be on the make up and management of the underlying assets of the portfolio.

We always approach portfolio management from the same starting point; what do you want to achieve with your money:

What is your benchmark return?
How much risk and volatility can you accept?
When do you need to realise your investment?
Where will you spend your money?

Managing money efficiently is a lifelong process. Therefore, it is extremely important to build a relationship with a professional company that you are comfortable with and that understands your needs. It is out belief that any company that is managing your money should do so from a totally independent point of view which is why we do not have any financial products of our own.